Dan Weiss be good.

I was lucky enough to witness Rez Abbasi play with a solid quintet last Friday – April.27 –  at the Rex and man was I ever blown away.  Beyond the amazing versatility of Rez’s compositions the star of the set was Dan Weiss.  What I absolutely loved was his ability to weave his way in and out of peoples solos.  His timing, execution and ear for where someone is in a solo and more importantly where they are going to go, was an absolute joy to witness and if you ever get a chance to see Weiss live doooo it.

So here’s some Dan Weiss. I think this video does a good job of showcasing the amazing quality to his drumming.

Jazz Sessions at Tonic Tavern
Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
Milwaukee, WI

Quinsin Nachoff’s Forward Motion
Quinsin Nachoff (tenor saxophone)
Russ Johnson (trumpet)
Andy Milne (piano)
Dan Weiss (drums)


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