Public Jazz Murals

Just some amazing Public Murals from the U.S and Europe.

Car Park // Neptune Hotel // Bergen, Norway

A mural painted on the wall of the underground car park of the Neptune Hotel in Bergen, Norway.  This one is Billie Holliday, it’s a reversal of the iconic Gottlieb pic from the American jazz magazine ‘Downbeat’, published in February 1947.  Visible to guests only, by loan of an access key from Reception.

via – Andywsx flickr

Ridge on the Rise // Eric Okdeh // Philadelphia, Pa

This story – telling mural – includes Cecil Moore, people at the wall of Girard college, Pearl theatre where jazz greats like John Coltrane performed. In the mural, the art deco façade of the long gone theatre contrasts with the forbidding ten foot stone wall that still encloses the grounds of Girard College, location of the landmark civil rights struggle.”

via – explorepahistory

Louis Armstrong Mural // Eureka, CA

Eureka seems to have a lot of murals all over town. This mural of legendary jazz trumpeter and singer, Louis Armstrong really caught my eye because he was someone that I have a lot of respect for. I believe that this mural was probably done for the Arkley Center for Performing Arts at the Richard Sweasey Theatre.

via –

Bill Weber’s Jazz Mural // San Francisco, CA

This is a beautiful piece of wall art decorating the facade of a building at the corner of Columbus Avenue and Broadway in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown.

via – flickr

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via – artist Near.


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