Dub for the Jazz Fan // Part 1: Modern Examples


Jeremy Taylor & Friends // Reggae Interpretation of Kind of Blue (Recorded in 1981. Released in 2009)


Jeremy Taylor, a music professor at NYU and jazz musician himself had this to say in his 1979 book, “A Space Between:”

My first trip to Jamaica (May 1977) was the most eye-opening musical experience of my life. I met so many incredible players who had been brushed off by the snobby musical establishment…..I had to find a way to showcase their unparalleled talent in a different medium and this was the spark that lit the fire to create this reggae tribute to Miles Davis’ best selling jazz album of all time.

Now, I normally regard albums like this as throw-away camp but in this case it’s truly a great album and it really showcases the talent these Jamaican musicians had and still have.

So, for those Jazz fans completely unfamiliar to Reggae this is a perfect place to start.

*Note: The heavy vinyl crackle passes after about 30 seconds

Beat Under Control // The Introduction // 2003


Less a Dub album than an album that explores Dub themes mixing all kinds of other genres including, at times, Drum N’ Bass. The horns are always spectacular and very chilled out like Miles Davis’ In A Silent Way with a touch of Bitches Brew at wilder moments, over a Trip Hop beat and Dub bass lines. The 14 minute Speechless even has some Krautrock sounds sneaking in. Quite a nice trip that would suit a dimly lit party where smoke hangs in the air like honey would drip from a spoon. Beer is out of the question, this music calls for something like an Old Fashioned, a dry martini or red wine from Spain.

The 14 minute Speechless, which does a great job at showcasing all the low grumbles, ambient horns and beaty goodness the album offers.


Dub Guerilla // Dub Guerilla // 2005


I wish I could enjoy Dub Guerilla, a band that literally combines Dub with Jazz, a little more. The band features 3 trombonists playing over Dub rhythms. To my ears and soul only a few tracks are good on this album. Which, in many ways, is a testament to their love of Dub as there are a plethora of Dub albums out there (even by the greats) that only have a few key tracks on an album worth mentioning while the others, be it good, not great. That said, due to the content and purpose of this list, here is a fantastic track from their well received self titled album

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some of the legends of Dub.


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