Dub For The Jazz Fan // Part 3: The Super Ape

There is nothing within the Dub world that Lee Perry hasn’t done. He is a true musical visionary. On top of that he is easily one of the most interesting and also bizarre people in musical history. If you don’t believe me watch these bizarre Guinness ads he did a few years ago.

For any Fall fans out there I’ve recently been toying with the idea that Lee Perry and Mark E. Smith are one and the same. Mad geniuses.

If after getting to know Lee Perry a little more you still think of Flavor Flav as a true eccentric and not just some dude who caught on to the brilliance that is Lee “Scratch” Perry than I think you will have a lot of things to worry about in your future because you are a moron. Sorry.

Onto the music. No one is as shocking as Lee Perry. I know in Part 2 I had mentioned that King Tubby never fails to surprise me, this still remains true, but even more so in terms of head spinning confusion and complete bewilderment Lee Perry reigns supreme. He’s done the chilled out Dub for a late summer’s night. He’s also done the most mental, effected dub I’ve heard. For example his track “Dub Plate Pressure” is like Miles Davis circa Dark Magus. That is to say, fantastically bonkers!

He is also capable of producing such soft and haunting reggae albums such as “Heart of The Congos” by The Congos and the immensely popular/important album by Max Romeo “War Inna Babylon.” Below is a Perry produced Congos track.

I just love this man so much, for so many reasons that it’s hard for me to remember to focus myself on my main point; Dub music for Jazz fans. Which is really just saying really good Dub music. And Lee Perry is great Dub. So I’ll leave you one of his best Dub tracks. Also one of his more well known ones from one of the first Dub albums ever made.

Perry and Mad Professor put out an album called “Black Ark ExPerryments” which features one of my personal favourite tracks. It’s an 11 minute beast with a driving beat and Perry at the mic just going off on a rant. The intensity and vocal effect that begins to rise in Perry’s voice at the 8:10 mark gives me shivers. I don’t even know what he’s saying but it shakes me. It gets my adrenaline pumping through my bloodstream. It makes me want to get off my lazy ass and do something valuable. To, as Lee himself puts it:

burn the pile of witches, burn the pile of bitches, take away their riches and burn up all the wicked

Here is this killer track:

If nothing else, I hope you carry the torch of Dub and Reggae onward. It’s one of the greatest musical genres ever made and has gone on to influence so many other key musicians. Below is a great Documentary about the history of Dub and how Dub moved music forward and into other territories. Enjoy.


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