Swing of Change

The Blue Blot

Absolutely brilliant – no other words for it.

New York in the 30’s – Daft racist and barber Harry in a bad mood, gets hold of a trumpet and tries his hand on playing it. What power music can have, is just splendidly displayed in this short movie. The details given about his character and background are very subtle but so very clear.

Details of this graduation short film

Directed by: Harmony Bouchard, Andy Le Cocq, Joakim Riedinger, Raphael Cenzi
Music by: Denis Riedinger
Jean Christophe Mentzer (trumpet), Stephane Fougeroux (percussion), Renaud Bernad (trombone), Sébastien Lentz (horn) and Michael Cortone (tuba)

Music Record: Denis Riedinger, Studio Aquarium, Hoerdt (France)
Sound Design: Jose Vicente, Studio des Aviateurs, Montpellier (France)
Mix: Matthias Heimlicher, Keytastic! Studios, Lommiswil (Switserland)
Choreography: Tony Style, Christiane Cilluffo-Marciano.
Website: swing-of-change.com

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BADBADNOTGOOD – DOOM + Flashing Lights


Okay, so today is Friday! It’s time to relax, essentially. And one of my favorite ways to relax is have good drink. And one of my favorite things to do while drinking is listen to jazz, preferably live, but this will do nicely. BADBADNOTGOOD is a post-bop, instrumental hip hop jazz trio out of Toronto, putting a new, modernistic twist on the face of jazz. These guys also do a bunch of reworks on their favorite tracks, such as one of their more well-known collaborations with Tyler, The Creator of Odd Future. Up above is a medley combining three songs, Madvillain’s “Supervillain Theme”, “Fazers” by King Geedorah, and “Vomitspit” by DOOM. This track is off their debut album, BBNG, released online back in September. Well today’s an odd day because BADBADNOTGOOD have just released their second album, BBNG2, yesterday, and available free online at their website (along with…

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