Toronto Jazz Festival

Here are some of the Shows that we are excited about and will be going to for this years TD Toronto Jazz Festival

Friday June 22

Janelle Monae
Nathan Phillips Square
Friday June 22 // 8pm
Fiery, uptempo Pop music with a knack for getting your body moving. Would be a high energy show surely to delight those in need of an entertaining escape.

Saturday June 23 

Get The Blessing
Nathan Phillips Square
Sat June 23 // 5pm
Jazz, rock and trip hop all kind of bleed into one beautiful spaced out dream. The rhythm section is flawless and as tight as they are on Portishead albums, if not more so. While the rhythm guides you along the sax and and trumpet weave in and out of hard bop, tame free jazz, and atmospheric sounscapes. Certain elements of the rhythm section remind me of jazzier moments from Blur’s Think Tank.

Opera House
Sat June 23 // 9pm
Indie rock/pop band producing a more cerebral output than many of their contemporaries. Very contemplative and often cryptic lyricism throughout. The musical arrangements vary between a late 70’s Bowie/Eurythmics sound to the classic 90’s indie scene. Good for a party and an early morning post drink stroll of loneliness. Not many bands can be the soundtrack to both, Destroyer can.

Sunday June 24

Boxcar Boys
Distillery District
Sunday, June 24 // 12pm
The Balkan Folk music our ancestors enjoyed at the local Pub. Think waltz, think accordion, fiddle and horns. Very fun, very classic. If this doesn’t make you feel like you should be thieving some grub from the local market and being chased down narrow streets and up long curtains than by golly i don’t know what would. Get your dancing shoes on and bring Grandma down for some good old fashioned hoo-hawing!

Ig Henneman Sextet
Music Gallery
Sunday, June 24 // 8pm
Minimal.  Think Krzysztof Penderecki, Anton Webern, Fred Frith, Anthony Braxton, Morton Feldman and Evelyn Glennie walk into a bar and a spontaneous live performance occurs.

Hiromi: The Trio Project
Nathan Phillips Square
Sunday, June 24 // 8pm
Prodigious piano player with compositional ideas coming out the wahzoo, absolutely awesome stuff. A wide array of various jazz styles crossed over with excessive talent. They don’t really leave any major jazz movement out. Moving from swing to hard bop to avant-garde within one piece with insane ease and grace.

The Bad Plus /f. Joshua Redman
Nathan Phillips Square
Sunday, June 24 // 8pm

A vibrant mix of ballad, hard bop, avant-garde, and free jazz brought by a blistering trio. The bad plus have been making some of the most accessable jazz bands of the past 12 years, bringing new people to the art form through insightful renditions of Radiohead, Bjork and Nirvana.



Monday June 25

Robert Glasper’s Experiment /f. Bilal
Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront Centre
Monday June 25 // 7pm
An absolutely glorious fusion of Jazz, Hip Hop and R&B. The interaction between keys and bass is seamless while Chris Dave on drums offers an, at times, wild and on the verge of chaos percussive presence while also softly playing with the others when need be. There are moments where it literally sounds as though a Jazz drummer is playing on top of a Hip Hop beat. While Bilal is no Gil-Scott with words and conviction (who is?) he does provide a nice sultry touch to the whole thing.

Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor
Nathan Phillips Square
Monday, June 25 // 8pm
A combination of elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop, soul, and gospel music. Afro-centric inspired purcussion. A classic New Orleans feel comes across in the arrangements for sure. With interjections of juju, afro-beat and 80’s synth/disco, the RH factor have a well rounded sound that will entice the palate of any jazz fan.

Tuesday June 26

Soul Rebels
Opera House
Tues June 26 // 9pm
The SOUL REBELS formed when Lumar LeBlanc and Derrick Moss, originally members of New Orleans’ iconic Dejean’s Young Olympia Brass Band, decided they wanted to play the new, exciting music they were hearing on the radio while respecting the tradition they loved. Both New Orleans natives, the pair was steeped in the fundamentals of New Orleans jazz, but inevitably, contemporary styles of music began to seep into their psyches.> via torontojazz.



Wednesday June 27

Spectrum Road
Sound Academy
Wed June 27 // 9pm
Spectrum Road is comprised of Jack Bruce (Cream) bass, Vernon Reid (Living Color) guitar, keyboardist John Medeski (Medeski, Martin, and Wood), and Tony Williams protégé Cindy Blackman-Santana (Lenny Kravitz, Santana). This all-star ensemble was originally conceived as a tribute band to the late great jazz drummer Tony Williams’ Lifetime project, but has evolved into a cohesive group incorporating original tunes into their fiery sets.

Friday June 29

Fri June 29 // 10pm
Creative compositions with rock/electronic overtones. The integration of improvisation and spontaneous bursts of enigmatic energy are always simmering underneath the surface ready to explode at a moments notice.

For the full festival schedule including private venue show please visit >


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